The Queen of Daeun sat quietly on her horse, the calm demeanor she wore upon the porcelain white complextion gave the troops around her a heightened sense of morale. This was their beautiful queen of battle, now that she was here, certainly faliure was no longer possible.

The capital city of Daeun had been under siege for three days at this point, they faced a large front of the might weilded by the Imperium of Maldus. Lead by one of his sons, and master tactician, Celus. There had been little in the way of warning, long had this front and others been attempting an invasion of the city-states of Calgar, the border watchmen had but a few hours to send suitable scouts. Alas, somthing made quick work of the light footed attempts at warning.

Queen Delilah had envoked an ancient rite of battle, calling out the leader of the Imperium force in hopes that she could best him in one on one combat. Her skill with a sheild and spear was well known in surrounding countries. It was when he accepted that she began to wonder about the son who had come calling at her gates.

She could see the mass of soldiers split down the middle as he approached. He did not ride upon a steed, he walked among his men as he advanced nodding to them, grasping some on the shoulder with one hand. His armor was bulky, carrying a fairly lithe but muscular frame underneath. Twin wolves adorned the armor, emblazoned with a motiff of fire and ice. His face did not wear a look of concearn, but one of enjoyment.

She spoke in a tone demanding to be answered. “Why have you invaded my lands, killed my people, lain seige to my cities?” He looked upon her for the first time since his arrival, a smile creeping upon his face, “Your grace, you envoked the rites of the duel, and I have accepted, but I am not entitled to give you answer to any of those questions.” Her brows arched up in anger, “Then perhaps I shall have to beat it out of you, Ready youre arms!” He held up his right arm facing his palm to her, “Woman, I was born with my weapons well at hand.”

There was an explosive blast of sound as the molecules in the air began to freeze instantly, large shards of ice shot up from infront of him spearing into the soldiers of Daeun. The queen had managed to dodge from the path just a split second before being encompased by the blast. She turned to see the large number of casualties slain by the attack, face becomming a hue of pink with anger. “Fiend!” She lunged towards him her brightly decorated spear posed to strike. Raising his left hand this time, another loud explosion as the molecules in the air ignited, a torrent of flame spouted towards her. She raised her sheild, deflecting what she could into the air.

She attempted to regain her footing and retreat to a better position, but it was to late, already upon her he reached out with his right hand grasping her around the throat. As he raised her into the air she attempted to stab at him with her spear. Grabbing the shaft before it could penetrate he threw the weapon aside. “Pity, I had hoped for a better showing than this.” He began to laugh, with the last of her strength she turned towards her troops, “Pre…pare…. for batt..le… save… the pri-...”

Balthier Rosencrantz: A paladin in the service of Queen Dalilah, and follower of the Goddess Felicia. This half elf had been left in the care of his father, unwelcome in his homelands to the north due to his mixed blood. He had taken up the path of knighthood at an early age, excelling in diplomacy and armed combat. Noble to a fault, but devout to his charge of guarding the prince in all things. His skill with a Spear and Shield follows that of the paladins before him in the service of Daeun.

Curse: A traveling name, and a traveling monster slayer. Curse had found himself in Daeun on business with his cousin when the city came under siege. He had planed on making a quick escape and heading home, however fate had other plans. Nicknaming himself a spell slinger, he considers himself an expert in wand combat and spell conjuring.

Kal: Curses cousin and partner, and in many cases what keeps him from getting himself in trouble. Hes a loyal companion and a talented mage. His upbeat nature would be suprising to those who know him well being as he comes from a tragic past of loss. (made his own spell book for my campaign, awsome.)

Zuka: A traveler from the Lands without Hope (Translation to common), he is a tresure seeker with a noble heart and a deadly blade. His companion, a one eyed talking cat, serves as a loyal partner rescuing him on more than one ocassion.

The doll: One of the sentient marrionettes from the cursed duchy of Keris, he is quiet and mysterious. Attempting to understand both when he was created and his greater purpose in this world. An early discovery with the party leads him to see it to its end.

On the Green Plains of Daeun